Thanks to supporters during time at Statehouse Rep Reilly

In advance of the upcoming election, I want to take this opportunity to offer my most sincere “thank you” to my family, friends and constituents for their support over the past several years while I have served as the state representative for the 72nd District.

Representing Portsmouth and Middletown in the Rhode Island House of Representatives has been an incredible honor, and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to serve. Taking a new job and getting married is leading my life in a different direction – for now and I am choosing to not run for re-election this year so that I can focus on my other priorities. My wife has been incredibly supportive of another run for office, but I don’t feel that at this point that is the right move to make.

My time in the House has been quite fulfilling from furthering the push to repeal the income tax on military pensions to serving on the House Finance, Oversight, and Rules committees. Every day that I walked into the Statehouse brought a renewed sense of awe that one experiences most uniquely while serving in elective office.

To the residents of southern Portsmouth and eastern Middletown, I, of course, am still your representative until the end of the year, so do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Ken Mendonça is seeking election to this House seat, and I am most encouraged by his support for repealing taxes on pensions and the creation of an independent inspector general to police state government, among many other issues.

I will be proudly supporting Ken Mendonça for state representative on Nov. 8 and I hope he earns your vo! te as well.

Rep. Daniel P. Reilly,


The Newport Daily News
10/12/2016 – Page A06