State House Hopefuls Face-Off in Public Forum

Five candidates for State House seats in the upcoming general election met remotely in an Oct. 8 forum to make their case to represent local districts in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

In the D-72 race, incumbent Democrat Terri Cortvriend is again facing Republican Ken Mendonca, a former representative from 2016 to 2018. Mendonca had sharp words for the state’s elected officials, whom he accused of “sitting on the sidelines” as businesses struggled. He called for special legislative oversight hearings to investigate the state’s response to COVID-19, claiming there has been a lack of transparency on Smith Hill, advocating for budget scrutiny with “everything on the table.”

“We have lived under the governor’s executive orders for six months as the economy continues to stumble and businesses fail,” he said. “[Elected officials] have abdicated their responsibility to their constituents and to the public.”

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