Mendonça will get Rhode Island back in business

The local defense industry is vitally important to all of us who live in Middletown and Portsmouth. Ken Mendonça, candidate for the Rhode Island Statehouse from House District 72, which includes large portions of these towns, is a highly qualified candidate to ensure the ongoing health of this key business sector, which benefits us all in one way or another.

According to a 2014 Rhode Island Defense Economy Planning Commission study, the defense industry contributes $3.7 billion to the state’s economy and accounts for nearly 33,000 jobs. In 2013, it generated $1.9 billion in income and $105 million in tax revenues for the state. Also defense pays the highest salaries in Rhode Island.

Clearly the money spent by and taxes collected from people, businesses and the military in the defense sector benefit virtua! lly everyone in Middletown and Portsmouth in one way or another. Therefore it is critically important to keep this industry healthy and growing.

I have worked with Ken for 25 years in the defense industry and he has a thorough understanding of the local defense industry. He also possesses the right characteristics to be a successful politician. He is hard-working, knowledgeable, trustworthy and loyal. He is a lifelong resident of the East Bay and earned a master’s in business administration from Salve Regina University.

Ken Mendonça’s top legislative priority is improving our business climate, which will reduce or solve many of the state’s problems, including the need for more and better jobs and lower taxes.

A vote for Ken Mendonça on Nov. 8 will help create more business growth, job opportunities and a better quality of life for all of us

Robert “Rocky” Reeves,


The Newport Daily News
10/22/2016 – Page A06