Mendonça has the experience, commitment and right ideas

This November, we have some difficult choices to make. But in one particular case, for those of us who live in Portsmouth and Middletown, it’s an easy choice. Ken Mendonça has my vote for state representative because he’s running for all the right reasons.

Ken realizes that he’ll be outnumbered by an overwhelming Democrat majority that continues to support ill-conceived legislation, such as tolling the Sakonnet River Bridge, resulting in Rhode Island being ranked in the “worst” category for business climate, performing schools and places to retire. It does not intimidate him nor discourage him. He is determined to make a difference.

His priorities include improving the business climate, getting rid of cumbersome regulations and providing tax relief for small-business owners so they will stay in our state and create more good-paying jobs.

Ken grew up here, went to school here and understands that education is of vital importance our future and the future of our children.

He will fight to ensure our local communities get their fair share of state funding of our schools. He and his family are totally committed to providing the best education to our children.

We desperately need balance in the General Assembly in order to protect the citizens of our state from the constant influence of special interests and the seemingly never-ending examples of corruption by elected officials. Ken has pledged to support the creation of an independent inspector general with the authority to audit and delve into suspected cases of fraud, influence peddling, waste or misuse of taxpayer dollars. For our seniors, Ken will work to repeal taxes ! on pensions and other types of retirement income to make us competitive with states that are more retiree-friendly. Many seniors leave Rhode Island because they can no longer afford to live here.

Ken is also focused on improving our roads and infrastructure, but doing so without tolls or raising taxes. He believes there’s enough revenue at the state and federal level to support the infrastructure improvements that are so badly needed.

I’m confident that Ken Mendonça will represent us well.

John Robitaille, Portsmouth ELECTION 2016: HOUSE DISTRICT 72

The Newport Daily News
10/13/2016 – Page A06