Mendonça has skills to create jobs, lower taxes

The smallest state is in the biggest mess. Rhode Island ranks among the worst for unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, business friendliness, high taxes and the list goes on. As a result, the quality of life for every Rhode Islander isn’t what it could be.

The only way to turn this state around is electing legislators committed to improving our dreadful economy. Nearly every issue ailing our state stems from too few jobs and too much taxation.

Of the two candidates for House District 72 (Middletown and Portsmouth), Ken Mendonça is the one who has the education, executive experience and commitment to improve the state’s terrible economy. A lifelong resident of the East Bay, he’s earned a master of business administration degree and been a successful executive in a 200-employee service-disabled veteran- owned defense industry contract! or on Aquidneck Island for 25 years. New to politics, he will bring fresh, practical, private-sector solutions to the legislature and is not part of the insiders group controlling the Statehouse.

His opponent, Linda Finn, says she’s pro business. But the facts show otherwise. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the leading small business association, gave her an “F” for poor performance during her one term in the legislature. Considering absenteeism and non-votes, the NFIB scored Finn 51 out of 100. That is not exactly working hard to increase job opportunities for Rhode Islanders.

If we improve our economy, we can:

Generate more and better jobs.

Attract, retain and ! encourage the expansion of more companies.

Reduce taxes by spreading the tax base over more businesses and employed people.

Make it less necessary for our high school, trade school and university graduates to leave the state to find good employment.

Enable our seniors on fixed incomes to live here in dignity and not have to move to lower-cost states.

Cut the high burden on taxpayers for welfare costs because fewer people would need public assistance.

Bring our state budget into balance.

Generate the tax revenues to repair our infrastructure, im! prove our schools and take better care of our environment.

It will certainly take time to make these things happen, but unless we strengthen our economy, we simply won’t have the financial resources to improve much of anything.

Ken Mendonça has the business experience and the right focus to create jobs and lower taxes. His opponent does not. When you vote for Ken Mendonça on Nov. 8, you’ll be choosing a better quality of life for all of us.

Bill Welch, Portsmouth