Ken Mendonça has knowledge and ideas we need in Statehouse

As we quickly approach Election Day, I would like to take this opportunity to ask all of my constituents in Portsmouth and Middletown to vote for Kenneth Mendonça for state representative on Nov. 8.

There is a much work to be done at the Statehouse, and it is very important that Aquidneck Island sends a reform minded leader to the House of Representatives. Ken strongly supports a line-item veto to act as a check against spending by our General Assembly, has always opposed the governor’s flawed and unpopular RhodeWorks tolling plan, and has pledged to introduce legislation to create an independent inspector general to oversee state spending and root out waste, fraud and abuse throughout state government.

Ken also knows the importance of repealing income taxes on retirement income – especially on military an! d other pensions – and will support legislation to make these changes on day one of being at the Statehouse.

Ken Mendonça will also be working with the towns of Middletown and Portsmouth to ensure that both communities receive their fair share of state open-space and recreation grants to acquire open space for conservation and for park and sports field improvement projects. Ken will also work to continue to fix the school funding formula so that both Portsmouth and Middletown schools are fairly supported by the state.

Ken Mendonça has what it takes to work well with his colleagues but also stand firm when it comes to making the reforms that are so sorely needed in our state. I am proud to support Ken, and I hope you will as well.

On Nov. 8, I ask that the voters of Portsmouth and Middletown vote for ! Ken Mendonça for state representative in District 72.

Rep. Daniel P. Reilly, R-Portsmouth The writer is the outgoing representative for House District 72, Middletown and Portsmouth.

The Newport Daily News
11/01/2016 – Page A07