Here are four reasons to vote for Ken Mendonça

If you are in House District 72 (Middletown and Portsmouth) and haven’t decided whom to vote for, here are four really good reasons to choose Ken Mendonça.

1. His focus on creating jobs and reducing taxes. Ken Mendonça understands that our poor economy is the cause of most of the state’s problems. Improving our economy will lead to more and better jobs.

A healthier economy also reduces the tax burden by spreading the tax base over more businesses and people working. Increased taxes from a more robust economy would give us the revenues to fix our roads and bridges, protect our environment and better fund education.

With a successful 25-year managerial career at a local defense industry company and a master’s of business administration degree, Ken Mendonça has the know-how to improve our ! business climate. His opponent, Linda Finn, says she is pro-business. But during her previous single term in the Statehouse, she received a failing grade (51 out of 100) from the National Federation of Independent Business, the leading small-business advocacy group.

2. His concentration on important issues, not a bizarre personal crusade. At the Statehouse, Finn championed bill after bill that would have taken away the rights of law-abiding Rhode Islanders to defend themselves and their families with legally owned firearms.

Rhode Island has the eighth most-restrictive firearms laws in the nation and one of the lowest rates of violent crime. So Finn wasted much if not most of her constituents’ time and money on a totally pointless personal obsession.

Ken Mendonça is determined to work on the real! ly important issues that affect all of us: more and better job! s and cutting taxes.

3. His determination to eliminate taxes on pensions. Seniors are having an increasingly hard time as the cost of living rises while their income remains fixed. Ken Mendonça wants to do away with taxes on all pensions so that seniors can live more comfortably and not have to move to less-expensive states.

4. His sensible policies that would prevent a disastrous swerve to the far left. Ken Mendonça is a political moderate who wants to improve the state’s quality of life, not impose a leftist ideology.

Finn is a progressive, part of that group’s election effort this year to push state government way to the left. Progressives want to raise taxes to expand welfare, remove restrictions on immigration (including from terrorist countries and Latin America), eliminate IDs that help pr! event voter fraud and give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, among other disastrous policies.

Voting for Ken Mendonça on Nov. 8 is clearly the much better choice for Middletown, Portsmouth and the state.

Bill Welch, Portsmouth