Finn and Seveney have a hidden agenda

What do progressive Democrat candidates like Linda Finn and James Seveney fear most? The truth.

The pair said they skipped two recent candidate debates because they were afraid the hosting organizations were biased against them. The more likely reason they were no-shows is because debates might uncover their far-left views. What does it say about candidates for public office who are afraid of defending their positions?

Both Finn and Seveney have been endorsed by Progressive Democrats of Rhode Island. Most of this state’s Democrats are moderates who would be turned off by the progressives’ radical hidden agenda. Finn and Seveney know it would cost them votes if they were forced to come clean.

Here a few of the items on the progressive wish list: Higher taxes to support expanding welfare programs: Rhode Island already has one of the most lavish welfare programs in the nation. Knowing this, illegals flock here for freebees at taxpayer expense.

Drivers licenses for illegals: The more benefits we give illegals, the more will come here.

Open borders: Progressives believe in unrestricted immigration. It doesn’t matter to them whether those who would flood in have skills we need, are criminals, want to assimilate or can support themselves.

Eliminate voter ID: The news is full of reports of massive voter fraud all across the country. The reason progressives want to eliminate proof of voting eligibility is to rig elections to put and keep themselves in power.

Unlimited immigration from the Middle East: Top national security officials fr! om the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the Justice Department warn we don’t have the ability to adequately screen immigrants pouring into our country from terrorist nations. Yet progressives demand unrestricted immigration from that part of the world, regardless of the life-and-death danger that puts us all in.

Fortunately, this election we in Middletown and Portsmouth have far better choices than Finn and Seveney.

John Pagliarini Jr. is running for reelection as state senator from District 11, which includes Portsmouth. He has been a diligent and hardworking legislator since winning the special election against Seveney in early 2016.

Ken Mendonça, candidate for the state’s House District 72 (Middletown and Portsmouth) has been a successful business executive in the local defense industry for ne! arly 25 years. A lifelong resident of Aquidneck Island, he is committed to using his business skills to create jobs and lower taxes by improving the state’s chronically awful economy. New to politics, he is not part of the insiders who control the Statehouse.

Voting for John Pagliarini and Ken Mendonça on Nov. 8 is a vote for a better Rhode Island for everyone.