Environment and open space are important local concerns

We are extremely fortunate to live in this beautiful coastal community. Whether you are a newcomer to Aquidneck Island or a lifelong resident as I am, all of us enjoy our extraordinary beaches, water, parks and open spaces.

If you elect me your state representative for House District 72, Middletown and Portsmouth, I will work with the Department of Environmental Management to clean up and improve the state owned Purgatory Chasm.

Securing DEM grants and recreational grants is another effort that I will support to better improve Middletown and Portsmouth. There are plans in the works that will convert the old drive-in cinema property in Middletown into a sports and recreational complex and park and open space projects in Portsmouth. Working with the Middletown and Portsmouth town councils, I will seek to secure matching grants to reduce the tax burden in each community should each town want to move forward with those plans.

I will advocate for funding for organizations including the Aquidneck Land Trust and the Norman Bird Sanctuary, so that we can continue to enjoy the open spaces that we have.

I will work with DEM and the town of Middletown to ensure that there is finally a solution to the storm water overflow issue that plagues the area between Easton’s and Atlantic beaches and adjacent areas. This problem has progressively gotten worse as there are more closures every year of the nearby waters due to high bacteria counts. I know that this is a big area of concern for the residents of the Easton’s Point neighborhood.

Please ! vote for me Nov. 8 so that I can work to protect and improve our uniquely beautiful coastal environment for us and for future generations to enjoy.

Ken Mendonça, Portsmouth The writer is a Republican candidate for House District 72, Portsmouth and Middletown.

The Newport Daily News
11/01/2016 – Page A06